Hatha yoga is a gentle introduction to the most basic yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Students will be led through a balanced combination of yoga poses with attention to proper alignment. Each class will address the body’s entire range of motion with standing postures, twists, backbends, forward folds, and hip openers. This class is characterized by a focus on gentle yoga poses without any flows between poses. Students can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement.


Slow Flow is a moderately paced yoga class suitable for students newer to yoga as well as those interested in a less intense flow class. Students are encouraged to move mindfully and with breath, while alignment cues may be offered. Poses are typically held longer allowing students to explore their edge while cultivating strength and stamina.

Hatha flow links postures practiced in a regular Hatha class into continual sequence of movements that flow with breath. Each teacher will create a unique, seamless flow, moving from one posture to another with rests being offered in between. Hatha Flow is a moderate cardiovascular workout and is best suited to those who are familiar with postures, sun salutations, transitions, and inversions. Peak poses may be explored with modifications being provided to invite accessibility as well as growth.

Vinyasa translates to "flowing with breath.” Physical postures are sequenced together with inhales and exhales to create a steady and rhythmic flow. Vinyasa classes have a strong focus on breath awareness and are designed to cultivate heat in the body and tends to be more vigorous with an aerobic component. Each teacher brings their own creative unique sequencing style that may include sun salutations, standing and seated postures, back bending or arm balancing.


Sculpt and Tone is the perfect blend between yoga, pilates and fitness. Traditional strength training moves are blended with yoga and pilates. This is a fun and easy to follow class where students choose between 2-10 lbs. hand weights. Sculpt and Tone classes add in a level intensity encouraging students to work muscles that that may not be targeted in a regular yoga class. The class is conducted at a moderate pace allowing you to follow easily and pay attention to alignment and form. Sculpt and Tone classes are great for the uber-bendy yogi looking to gain strength, the athlete who wants to stretch and even the newbie who wants to try it all.

Yin yoga is mainly comprised of passive floor postures. Each pose is typically held for between 3 and 5 minutes. The primary differences between Yin Yoga and many other forms of yoga is that students are encouraged to relax their muscles in order to penetrate deep into the connective tissue encouraging flexibility and energy flow. Without the distraction of constant movement and muscle engagement, the connective tissue has the opportunity to soften and moving into poses deeper may become possible. Yin yoga differs from restorative yoga as there are still the mental and physical challenges of holding poses for long periods of time. Athletes, fast-moving “yangster” yogis or anyone who wants to slow down but needs a challenge can benefit from a Yin Yoga class.


Hot Stretch is practiced in the hot studio and is predominantly done in a seated, supine or prone position. Standing poses or Downward Facing Dog are used strictly for transition purposes. This an active practice targeting muscles, unlike Yin which is more passive and focuses on the connective tissue and joints. Hot Stretch is a great introduction to the hot room allowing yogis to enjoy the heat without having to move too quickly. Benefits of this practice include becoming more present, connecting with the breath, alignment, strengthening and lengthening of muscles and recognizing your emotional responses when you are moving out of your comfort zone. This a moderately challenging class that is suitable for all levels and will leave you feeling incredibly relaxed. An extra long savasana is always offered so you may want to bring your PJ's with you for the drive home!


Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga which uses props to provide a supportive environment that allows for total relaxation. Relaxation is a state in which there is no movement, no effort and the brain becomes quiet. When your body moves into relaxation, its inner chemistry shifts and the parasympathetic nervous system takes over. We highly recommend Restorative Yoga for those who have experienced trauma or illness or who are looking for tranquility and stress reduction. Typically, restorative poses are sustained for ten minutes or longer and students are encouraged to do as much or as little as feels comfortable. The instructor will provide lots of assistance in the set up with little to no music played.


This fast-paced yoga class targets intermediate to advanced students. Attention is on continual movement with fewer breaks. Core postures and exercises are included to strengthen your abs and back. Your arms and legs will probably feel it the next day! Get ready to high plank, low plank, chair sit and lunge. This is a high energy class but don’t fret we build in recovery breaks. We will include enjoyable music vibes, lots of motivation from your instructor and great results.



Our Mat Pilates 1 class is suitable for beginner to advanced students. Using a variety of classical and more contemporary Pilates moves, we will help build optimal strength and movement in your entire body. This class will teach you to build power, control and flexibility, while using correct breathwork to recruit and use abdominals in the best way possible. We will break down Pilates sequences to ensure proper understanding. Members who take this class regularly, will notice an improvement in their core strength. Be prepared for a challenge and get ready to have fun! Some props may be included. A short stretch is offered at the end of class to help you wind down after all that hard work. There may be light background music.



Use lights weights and our versatile props, such as balls and straps, to sculpt your way into lean muscle mass and a stronger, more streamlined physique. Instructors use traditional ballet moves and contemporary strength exercises to challenge you and give you a full body workout including legs, butts, arm work and shoulders, abdominals and back.  Be prepared to plié, releve, attitude, extend, lift, lower, hold, squat, lunge and flex everything!  Your instructor will help with hands-on alignment and body adjustments and well as lots of cues. Fun, upbeat music adds to the class vibe! Also, get ready to sweat and work hard.



This 75 minute class includes our signature 60-minute VIBE Barre Sculpt class designed to build muscles and burn calories with ballet and strength work using lots of props. And then we add in a delicious 15-minute stretch at the end to lengthen your muscles and leave you feeling renewed and rejuvenated.  There may even be time for a few minutes of blessed Savasana. Good tunes, great energy, come to this class prepared to work hard and have lots of fun.  



Our 45-minute express class is designed to target your whole body and is taught at a quick pace with a cardio component to elevate your heart rate. This express format class includes all the fun regular elements of our Barre Sculpt class with fewer breaks and more constant movement. There will be props and lots of creativity from your instructor to keep things going. Good tunes and get ready to sweat!  


Yoga Nidra, also known as ‘Yogic Sleep’ is a practice for anyone. No yoga or meditation experience needed - just a willingness to invite any stresses, worries or anxieties to float away. Yoga Nidra is practiced in a reclined posture while the body is supported by yoga props. Remaining awake and aware, your mind and body are skillfully led into a state of complete relaxation. This state creates the opportunity to naturally heal yourself from the inside out as you unravel physically and mentally. You’ll be peacefully guided out and will finish the practice feeling completely blissed out. It’s the most perfect way to wind down your evening and prepare for an incredible sleep. Dress comfortably – jammies are welcome!