with Nancy Silverman 

Sunday November 11th - 12pm-2pm

Learn to brew, ferment and flavour an ancient recipe that’s making a comeback with thirsty yogis!  Kombucha is tasty, great for your health, and easy to make. Join @KombuchaQueenNancy as she walks you through the basics of “booch” and beyond. She’ll cover:

  • Science behind the brewing process

  • Kombucha's many health benefits

  • Step-by-step guidance to make your own

  • Brewing recipes and flavouring suggestions

  • And more!

Each participant will receive a complete starter kit – including a LIVE kombucha culture! – and walk out of class with their first homemade batch. 

Register early, limited space available.

$55/per person


With Clean Kiss Organics 

Saturday November 17th  - 2-4PM

Hey Teens! Do you wonder how to properly look after your skin and how to get it looking its' best (even without a filter!)? 

Have you ever tried to figure out a simple and effective way to clean your face and conquer acne?

How about some of the cool stuff you have seen to use food as a fun way to make a face mask? 


Well look no further because we have a fun workshop planned to answer all of those questions PLUS a “pick your fun food facial station" where you can have a face mask, face scrub and more to leave you glowing and fresh. And you can even bring your mom along to learn a few things about natural skincare too. 


Join us on Saturday November 17th to learn about how to get great skin using all natural ingredients that are healthy and good for your body, smell awesome and of course will give you that Selfie Ready Skin you want!


45 minute teen yoga class included!

$50+HST/per person

(Note: the products used do contains nut based plant ingredients so not suitable for anyone with a nut allergy).

Women's Hormone Workshop

With Justine Macdonald

Saturday November 24h  - 2-4PM

Mastering your hormones before, during or after peri-menopause.


  • Sleepless nights?

  • Gaining weight without changing your diet?

  • Increase of anxiety, bloating or allergies?

  • Feeling like you are no longer yourself?

  • Any or all of these sound familiar?


Join Justine for this 90 min interactive and honest conversation workshop. You will leave with insight, a-ha moments and real life tips to support you during this time of hormonal change.


Justine is a Ayurveda practitioner and Nutritional Counsellor. She specializes in helping women navigate through the ups & downs of perimenopause.

$40+HST/per person